Wedding photos at Liopetro are a joy to capture. You may already know that the venue is located in an archaeological site, on sacred ground. Well I think this has something to do with the light too as it is so dreamy here. Chloe and Liam fell in love under the Cyprus sun and chose to come back to the island for the wedding and in their wedding photos at Liopetro it just feels like everything aligned for them.

They’re a private couple, which is why Liopetro was the perfect spot for them, secluded and romantic. Their wedding photos at Liopetro represent them perfectly, with an ideal blend of laughter and romance. Their wedding had elements of who they are as a couple throughout, for example the bouncy castle at the end to represent their fun sides! This is exactly as it should be, it’s all about you and that’s just what I want to focus on.

Liopetro wedding photos can be so varied, with the greenery, far off sea views and ancient chapel that I’m spoilt for choice as a photographer. I also really want the couple to enjoy their day while I go around snapping unseen moments. This was actually one of Chloe’s favourite parts of the day. Enjoying the canapes after a grueling wedding diet, so it’s amazing to have that in their wedding photos!

Chloe and Liam married during the pandemic, which I’m sure you’ll agree tested everyone’s patience and heightened emotions across the board. Their wedding photos at Liopetro are especially emotional due to this, and some of the most sacred moments are taken at the altar, when Liam sees his beautiful bride for the first time! Something he’d later relive and describe as surreal. Can’t we all relate to that?!

Their wedding photos at Liopetro will remain forever, and this is so important to Chloe and Liam, as they are a couple that cherish every second spent together. They often revisit the park where they went for a walk during their first date. Even the proposal was on a beach they visited during the early days of their relationship. So what could be more meaningful than their wedding photos at Liopetro? One of the highlights of Liam’s day was spending the time with his new bride during the sunset shots and now those feelings are at his fingertips with each glance at the images.

Do you want Liopetro wedding photos like Chloe and Liam? Their advice to you is just to go for it! Have the wedding you want, don’t regret a second and just make it happen! Live your life to the fullest on the day and you’ll have amazing memories to show for it.

Enjoy their gallery and hit the button below to get in touch and start making your own memories with wedding photos at Liopetro.