Wedding Photos at Alassos

Robyn & Gary - Real Wedding

These sunset wedding photos at Alassos are some of my favourite, due to how comfortable Robyn and Gary were with each other. They were the kind of couple every wedding photographer wishes for! You can see that their love is pure, and has come a long way from their first date all those years ago at the cinema in South Shields. This venue offers some great opportunities for the sunset photos, including the rocky areas for the couples brave enough to venture out. Wedding photos at Alassos also don’t need to take a long time, we’ll have you back to your party in no time. I’ll take you to some of my favourite hidden spots on location, for you to enjoy some time as husband and wife, and I’ll just snap away.

For this bride and groom, one of their favourite parts of the day was the speeches. Capturing wedding photos at Alassos when the speeches happen is all about reactions. The setting is fabulously lit with the twinkling lights above so it’s time to focus on the guests. Speeches often have personal elements and ‘in’ jokes, so it’s important to get the reactions of the people who have impacted the couples lives and feature in the speeches. There’s a lot of emotion in the wedding photos at Alassos when the speeches take place. Happy tears, laughter, toasts and hugs: we’re there for it all.

Would you like your wedding photos at Alasoss to resemble Robyn and Gary’s? Their advice is to make sure all your guests bond before the wedding. So arrive a good few days prior to the big day to allow everyone to meet and be comfortable with each other. In my opinion, the more natural the better, so this is a great piece of advice!

Enjoy their gallery and hit the button below to get in touch and start making your own memories with wedding photos at Alassos