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Me and my family

Alex and Maria

The team behind Thimisy!
My passion for art started at a very early age, with both my parents being painters. My Mother was applying a surreal and abstract style to her work and my Father was more into realism. It was always fascinating listening to them sharing their inner thoughts and ideas. I remember having fun playing with all of the different colours and at that point without knowing what my future would look like, one thing was certain, a passion for beauty and creativity was within me.

My philosophy

Thimisy means memory, and that is what defines our lives, we constantly remember and cherish all the happy moments and we wish that they will never fade as the time passes. Photographs are part of our legacy that will last for generations to come.
As a photographer my craft is all about the beauty of the moment, every image that I capture in my own unique way is the embodiment of that specific event in time.