Cyprus Wedding Videography

The wedding film and Cyprus wedding videography journey.

Cyprus Wedding Videography experience. You may be thinking to yourself, “why have a Cyprus wedding video when I already have a photographer?” Well a wedding video will capture the essence of your day in a totally different way. Time flies when you’re having fun and your wedding day is definitely no exception, so having a wedding videographer in Cyprus will ensure that all of the fun, excitement, emotion and special moments are captured for you to cherish eternally.

The importance of a wedding film.

The most important people in your lives will be there to celebrate the beginning of a new family and a new chapter in life. Many important moments may go unnoticed, moments like your grandmother’s emotional reaction when you say your vows or your friends sharing tears of joy. Those are priceless moments that you want to remember and cherish forever, which is why your wedding film is just as important as your photographs! It completes the story of your wedding day and offers you different perspectives, making sure that nothing will go unnoticed and your special day remains with you forever.

My goal as a wedding film-maker

While a photograph tells the story of a specific moment in time, cinematography is compressing the whole story of your day into an intense and dynamic film that takes you back in time and lets you feel the emotions of the whole day every time you press play.

Blending creativity and story-telling to offer a unique experience and perspective of your wedding day. That is my ultimate goal!

As a Cyprus Wedding Videographer I know how important your wedding day is for you, your friends and family. That’s why me and my team dedicate ourselves to offer you the best Cyprus Wedding Videography experience.

The experience

Our Cyprus Wedding Videography and Photography team aims to offer a unique experience where you and your beloved ones enjoy your day therefore we seamlessly blend in and document your wedding in the most unique, unobtrusive and creative way possible.

The Cyprus Wedding Videography and Photography team, Thimisy

We are a very passionate team that love what we do and constantly strive to achieve the best results for our clients and ourselves, with over seven years of experience we know how important this once in a lifetime event is for you and know that we only have one chance to get it right. Finally and most importantly we always go the extra mile when it comes to client satisfaction.

Your peace of mind is very important to us, that’s why we are ready to answer all the questions that you might have and help you to achieve the best experience on your wedding day. We look forward to hearing from you to speak further about what will be one of the most, if not the most important film of your lives.

The Theater

Below you can leaf through our carefully crafted films collection that I’ve been honored to create in my career as a Wedding Videographer and contact us if this is what your wedding film should look like.


Kishan and Rupal –Elysium Hotel Paphos, Cyprus
Lucy and Sal – Liopetro, Paphos
Mikaella and Loizos – Galu Cyprus
Danielle and Athanasios – Cyprus wedding videography at Elysium Hotel, Paphos
Daria and Andreas – Wedding Film Paphos
Savia and Christos – Wedding Film at Coral Beach Hotel Paphos
Sian and Anthony – Wedding Videography at Aphrodites Hills Resort, Paphos
Julia and Graig – Wedding Videography at Minthis Hills, Paphos
Corrine and Travis – Wedding Videography on Ocean Flyer
Simone and Jurian – Wedding Videography at Cap St George, Paphos